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SMP and Hair Transplant Enhancement

Get the hair back that you once had

SMP & Hair Transplant Combo

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    Novoscalp Scalp Micropigmentation Density SMP & Hair Tattoo Before After After
    Novoscalp Scalp Micropigmentation Density SMP & Hair Tattoo Before After Before
    Get your hair back

    How does SMP combined with a transplant work?

    Hair transplant’s can be an effective option for many people who are experiencing hair loss, but limitations in the results in many cases don’t make this a complete hair loss solution. Transplanted grafts are often relocated in highest concentration at the hairline leaving the crown area light and exposing scalp. A client’s hair loss advancing over time also creates this undesirable effect. An SMP treatment can supplement a recent transplant, restore the appearance of the scalp after a failed transplant or fill in areas which are lacking density some years after a transplant

    If you are concerned about revealing your hair transplant scars if you are considering a buzz cut length, the concealment or camouflage of hair transplant scars using SMP can be incorporated into your treatment session plan. Novoscalp SMP Clincs Australia are highly experienced in this specialised area of scalp micropigmentation.

    SMP for Hair Transplants can

    • Supplement a hair transplant
    • Fully complete a hair transplant
    • Restore the scalp’s look after an unsuccessful hair transplants

    If you are dissatisfied by the result of a recent hair transplant, or if time has lapsed and some areas of the scalp don’t have the density you would ideally like this is an ideal solution to hair loss for you.

    Novoscalp Scalp Micropigmentation Density SMP & Hair Tattoo Before After
    Novoscalp Scalp Micropigmentation Density SMP & Hair Tattoo Before After
    realistic copies of existing stubble

    How does it work

    Scalp micropigmentation (sometimes referred to as SMP or micro scalp pigmentation) works in conjunction with your partial or complete hair transplant.

    The procedure involves a master technician making tiny pigment deposits in the scalp with micro-needles to achieve a realistic copy of your existing stubble that is unnoticeable to the eye as a tattoo. The inks are very specialsed and the needles are custom-made for this procedure. The final look is a closely shaved head of hair with a natural soft gradated hairline.

    Contact Novoscalp SMP Clinics Australia to explore solutions with this amazing addition or alternative to hair transplantation. We are here to help men and women achieve the total look they have always wanted.

    The approach for creating longer hair is the same as that for the shaved head look. The treatment is applied to create a texture made up of layers of slightly varying toned deposits. It is important not to completely cover all the exposed scalp with a high density of deposits as this volume of pigment and density would create an unnatural appearance over time. A significant enough improvement can be made within the limitations of treatment.

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