What is Scalp Micropigmentation for Scar Concealment?

Scalp Micropigmentation also known as "Hair Tattoo" is a relatively new permanent, non-invasive, affordable alternative to transplant surgeries or other hair systems that are high-maintenance, such as wigs or toupes. The procedure involves a master technician making tiny pigment deposits in the scalp with micro-needles to achieve a realistic result that is unnoticeable to the eye. The inks are very specialsed and the needles are custom-made for this procedure. The final look is a closely shaved head of hair with a natural hairline. Or for women experiencing hair loss or hair thinning, we can help you achieve a denser looking head full of hair. You can be assured of natural looking results and overall positive experience from the outset.

Continue reading below to learn more about:

  • What the treatment is for Scars;
  • How the procedure works; and
  • Taking the next steps with Novoscalp.

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The Treatment for Scar Concealment

SMP Treatment for Scar Concealment

The scarring from FUE (dot) and FUT (strip) hair transplant surgeries can be quite extensive. Scalp Micropigmentation conceals the appearance of these scars or those from trauma or other surgeries by depositing tiny amounts of pigment to simulate follicles in the scar tissue to blend with the surrounding follicles. 

At Novoscalp, we provide an advanced cover-up treatment called Scalp Micropigmentation. The treatment involves tiny deposits of pigments into the scalp which blends in with your existing hair to create a realistic illusion of a full head of hair.

Read below about how the procedure works. If you still have questions about the scalp micropigmentation treatment please don't hesitate to contact us through our online contact form or by phone. 

How the procedure works?

Initial Consultation

During your first free consultation, the practitioner can help you decide if micropigmentation is the hair loss solution for you. Our skilled practitioners have performed scalp micropigmentation across hundreds of happy customers and can help you come up with the hairline most suitable for your face shape and facial features. The practitioner will also determine the amount of coverage required as the severity of the hair loss will also vary between men.

Initial Consultation with Brett Smith

Treatment Sessions

The treatment works over a number of sessions, typically 2 - 3, to achieve the desired result. The required number of sessions may vary for each male and this is due to several reasons. These include:

  • The amount scalp surface area requiring treatment;
  • Matching the existing colour of the hair follicles; and
  • The skins ability to retain the ink pigmentation.

Each session will take approximately 3 hours and they will preferably occur between intervals of 5 – 7 days depending how your body accepts the treatment in terms of pigmentation setting.

Scalp Micropigmentation Sessions

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Taking the Next Steps with Novoscalp

1. Contact us to book in your free consultation with our specialist practitioner.

2. Attend the consultation and the practitioner will help tailor a treatment plan for your specific needs.

3. You will have the choice to proceed with the micro pigmentation treatment, obligation free.

4. After your scalp micropigmentation sessions, get ready to have your confidence restored.

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