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Scalp Micropigmentation For Scar Camouflage

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SMP For Scar Camouflage

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    The best way to conceal SCARS

    Scalp Micropigmentation for Scar Camouflage

    The scarring from FUE (spots) and FUT (strip) hair transplant surgeries and absence of hair in those areas can be quite noticeable and have a negative effect on a person’s confidence. Scalp Micropigmentation conceals the appearance of these scars or those from trauma or other surgeries by depositing tiny amounts of pigment to simulate follicles in the scar tissue to blend with the surrounding scalp and shaved follicles or longer hair. The concealment is effected by reducing the appearance of the scar contrasting against existing hair or stubble significantly.

    A Novoscalp SMP treatment can make significant improvements to the following types of hair transplant scars:

    • FUT scars – These are also referred to as strip scars from conventional surgery methods
    • FUE scars – These are referred to as dot or spot scars where a dispersed pattern of single unit grafts have been taken
    • ‘Plug’ and ‘cobblestone’ scars – These are the result of a poor technique an inadequate healing process and outdated methods
    • Head trauma or surgery scars – These are from accidents or cranial surgeries​

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    • What the treatment is for Scars;
    • How the procedure works; and
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    • The Treatment for Scar Camouflage
    Read below about how the procedure works. If you still have questions about the scalp micropigmentation treatment please don’t hesitate to contact us through our online contact form or by phone.
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    SMP For Scar Camouflage

    Our scar camouflage procedures usually take place over 2-4 treatment sessions. The duration of these sessions is dependent on the nature of your scar tissue It is also important to understand that scars retain pigment in a less predictable fashion than undamaged skin. We assess your pigment retention after each individual session and schedule subsequent sessions accordingly.

    There are many factors which determine how successful your outcome will be. In a scale of ‘reduction of noticeability’ we are usually able to conceal scars by at least 60%, and in some cases we achieve a concealment of up to 90%. We discuss the expectation you should have in detail before your treatment begins.

    Each scar type presents its own unique challenges, so it is important to find a scalp micropigmentation technician who has extensive experience in scar camouflage for the best treatment outcome. At Novoscalp Clinics Australia, all our technicians are highly trained and experienced in this specialisation of SMP for scar camouflage.

    For an assessment of your scars and to find out what options are available to you, contact our team.

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