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Facial Micropigmentation for Beard Stubble

FMP - Facial Micropigmentation

FMP For Beard Stubble

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    Facial Micropigmentation

    Are you looking for a way to have even and neat looking stubble? A beard tattoo is a way to treat thin stubble. If you are struggling with the problem of lack of facial hair, lighter hair growth or light patches, an effective and permanent solution is a facial hair micropigmentation treatment.

    It can also be used to camouflage scars, or even recreate the whole stubble shape for clients who don’t have any facial hair, like people suffering from alopecia, patients who’ve undergone chemotherapy, or transgender people transitioning from female to male.

    In order for the effects of a cosmetic tattoo beard stubble treatment to be unnoticeable, it is recommended to keep the stubble at a constant level after the treatment.

    The treatment is especially recommended for men who struggle with:

    • sparse facial hair
    • patchy facial hair,
    • partial lack of facial hair
    • lack of facial hair due to alopecia areata
    FMP for beard before image


    FMP for beard after image


    SMP Technician Applying Scalp Micropigmentation Outline
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    How Does It Work

    Facial hair micropigmentation is the procedure of applying pigment into a shallow depth of the facial area, effec- tively replicating the appearance of natural hair stubble. It results in the appearance of a freshly shaved beard and creates a uniform look in patchy facial hair. The effects of the treatment are ‘semi’ permanent and may require brushing up every 2-3 years.

    It is important for clients understand that if they decide to shave off your facial hair, the results will still be there. We create a uniform look with a chosen length that needs to be maintained to maximise the natural appearance of the tattooed areas and overall result. So unless you’re fully committed to rocking the beard for a longer period of time, perhaps this isn’t the treatment for you.

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